Colors in Spanish


The colors are probably one of the groups of words that you will use most frequently when speaking Spanish. You will use them to describe just about anything and you will be surprised how often knowing the colors in Spanish is required.

Talking about Colors in Spanish

Color : Color : कोलोर

The Colors : Los Colores : लोस कोलोरेस

My favorite color is… : Mi Color Favorito es.. : मी कोलोर फावोरितो एस

I like the color blue : Me gusta el color azul : मे गुस्ता एल कोलोर असूल

Sr. Color Color Pronunciation
1 Orange Anaranjado अनारान्खालो
2 Yellow Amarillo अमारियो
3 Blue Azul असूल
4 Red Rojo रोखो
5 Green Verde वेर्दे
6 Black Negro नेग्रो
7 Brown Marrón, Café मार्रोन, काफ्फे
8 Pink Rosado रोसादो
9 Purple Morado मोरादो
10 White Blanco ब्लांको
11 Grey Gris ग्रिस
12 Gold Dorado दोरादो
13 Silver Plateado प्लातियालो
14 Bronze Bronce ब्रोंसे
15 Multicolored Multicolor मुल्तीकोलोर