Directive under Section 79(A) of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960


Directive under Section 79(A) of
Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act
1960 to all the Co-operative Housing
Societies in the State of Maharashtra.
Regarding Redevelopment of Buildings
of Co-operative Housing Societies.

No. CHS 2007/CR554/14-C
Co-operation, Marketing and Textiles Department

Date: 3rd January 2009

Whereas, buildings of Co-operative Housing Societies in the State of Maharashtra are being redeveloped on a large scale. A number of complaints were received from members against managements of Co-operative Societies in which redevelopment is taking place. In respect of most of the Co-operative Housing societies, nature of
complaints relating to redevelopment is as under:-

  1. Not taking the members in confidence in the process of redevelopment.
  2. There is no transparency in tender process.
  3. Appointing contractors arbitrarily.
  4. To work by violating provisions of Co-operative Act, Rules and Bye-Laws.
  5. No orderliness in the work of Architect and Project Consultant.
  6. Not planning Redevelopment Project Report.
  7. Not adopting proper procedure in finalizing tenders.
  8. There is no similarity in agreements with Developers.

Whereas there is no concrete policy in respect of all above points of complaint and therefore Co-operation Commissioner and Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Maharashtra State, Pune had appointed a Study Group under the Chairmanship of Joint Registrar, Cooperative
Societies (CIDCO) to study the complaints received at various levels and for consultations with all constituents working in the relevant fields. The said Study Group has expressed the opinion that it is essential to frame regulations for redevelopment of buildings of Co-operative Housing Societies after consultation with all the  constituents in the field of Co-operative Housing.

Therefore the Government is issuing following directive under Section 79(A) of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960.